metavision group

is a boutique consulting firm comprised of experts in product development and retail specializing in new business development, product launches, channel expansion, and strategic business review. Consumer buying patterns are ever changing and simply knowing your competition is no longer enough. Getting ahead of the trend is necessary just to stay in the game and is the difference between success and failure.

our approach

MetaVision Group is devoted to working with each client to develop a sustainable and profitable strategy for growth. With our extensive experience in product development, marketing and merchandising, we work with Senior Leadership to develop a differentiated strategy that positions you for long term success.

We believe understanding consumers and how they shop is critical. How does the online shopping experience enhance the brand? What gives a store an advantage over another in the same space? What makes your product stand out on the shelf over its competitor? What is the most effective use of technology in communicating with your customer? Simple questions that retailers and investors in retail continue to wrestle with in this ever-changing landscape.

A MetaVision partner, providing you and your teams with our industry leading expertise, will manage your account. The process includes:

  • discovery: Assess your current state of business, strategies and implications, products, competitors, available resources and financial goals.
  • planning: Once we have a clear understanding of the current state, we work with both senior leadership and your operating teams to realign strategies, set goals, priorities and timelines.
  • doing: We are hands on. However, you decide how we can best function within your organization. We can work with and become a part of your team. Or simply provide a report on our findings, risks and opportunities and recommendations. MetaVision partners are happy to work on-site in conjunction with the client teams.